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Publish your soundpacks on our platform - for free or for sell - and reach +100 000 finger drumers around the world!

Any producer can be a soundpacker!

You are an artist, you produce electronic music, you want to increase your popularity, make your sound famous and make some decent money? Then, you should think about becoming a soundpacker! You'll open your productions to remixes and will make people talk about your sound flavor. SoundPack-Pro.com let your soundpacks meet the new age community of controllerists, amateurs or pros.

You only have to arrange your productions into a soundpack, and if you don't know how, we will give you our help. And don't be afraid, your sounds are protected: visitors must comply with copyright laws and not plagiarize or distribute your work for free or for sell.

Your soundpacks for sell

The deal

Sell your soundpacks on the website and let us promote your work to our +100 000 members base. We are selling the soundpacks on this website throught Gumroad. As a third party, Gumroad will manage the sells (including taxes) and will send you the money directly: 50% on every sales, excluding taxes and Gumroad fees. You'll only need to create a Gumroad account for payout purposes. Since we use Gumroad as a third party, you'll ensure that you'll receive 50% on every sale.


Please note that we manage everything: we set up a sale page for you (we design the soundpack package from your materials), we upload your products on Gumroad, we promote your products and maintain the customer service (we will take care of the refunds).

Pricing and dicounts

We will let you decide which price you want to apply on your products. We suggest to follow this prices grid: $9, $19, $29, $39 or $49. To bring you more sell, we may apply some discounts on your products, we will take care of preparing special events and promotions. You'll see every details on your Gumroad account (product price, taxes, promo code used, etc.). If you have multiple soundpacks, we can also create bundle offers.

To start selling your soundpacks, send it to:


With these informations:

Author image signature or logo - 800x800 px
Content detailed
Artwork/cover - 1200x700 px
A social link (Facebook page, Youtube, etc.)
Your retail price

That's all! We will take care of everything else. If you need more information, please contact us.